Through my eyes: Laria Alfero

As an author, many people believe that you can often have strongest connections with your primary protagonist. As someone who has at least 5 protagonists, it’s tough to be able to share that same connection with all of the characters equally.

Warning, the following will include spoilers for Book 1 Reflection of Fire

But you guys know Laria.

She’s not a character that spaces out, is completely clueless when it comes to romance, stubborn and does not hesitate to fight back. She’s a lot smarter than she let’s on. You can also tell that she has a deep connection with family and friends, with a mysterious phobia of fire.

In Reflection of Fire, Laria is stated that she finds her power as a curse. She is forced to live with a darker part of herself that wants to kill. Living with the desire to stop Edward, but also at war with herself as she has no idea what she plans to do.

My connection with Laria is there. I wouldn’t put her as a protagonist if I didn’t feel a connection with her. She’s something I would love to have as a friend, one that back you up and cared enough to understand the suffering that someone went through.

She’s not the traditional angsty character that broods as she suffers the loss of her mother. She finds a way to pick herself up and keep fighting. She doesn’t want to let her mother down and she wants to be able to protect her friends so she never has to suffer again.

Brodie is her childhood friend and despite being a shape shifter all his life – he is her link to humanity. They grew up together and made the promise of always being friends. He is her rock, and honestly, these two probably couldn’t live without each other. They are challenged a lot though out the series and honestly, I wouldn’t have their arc written any other way.

Maya and Jenna are the perfect friends Laria could go to when she suffers any dilemmas about herself as a female and missing her parents. Maya lost both of hers when she was young, and while Jenna has both parents – she is always a moral support. While technically Laria could go to Brodie, she feels like she can’t go to him because the fact that her father murdered Leon.

Tahani was a new mix to the equation. Being a member of the Rosa family, she is brash and reckless so it doesn’t come much to a surprise when Tahani confesses that her sister’s daughter happens to be Maya herself. Tahani brings out the fighting spirit , teaching Laria how to use her powers and to fight.

Seth and Laria have their own connection. Mutual friends through Maya, and while Laria is still unsure of him – their relationship is definitely one of understanding. Seth acknowledges Laria as someone who would protect Maya.

Jason on the other hand is a bit different kind of friend. He was there when it all began. If he didn’t crash into her, Laria wouldn’t have stumbled onto a crime scene. Jason’s appearance triggers a domino effect of Laria’s life. But the friendship despite fresh and new, has a deeper meaning to it.

As for me, Laria is an important character in my life. She brings out a side of me that is buried in my daily life – I would go in detail… but I can’t exactly explain it. She helps me manage myself and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think of her.

I can’t wait to share her future stories with you, my readers.

Happy second birthday Reflection of Fire.